April worked out great! We had a handful of people reaching out for a work out plan. All residential paid by mid month. Here’s a summary of what we’re dealing with, updated in April, retroactive to March 1st. Or not, or maybe. Latest news from my Facebook group for Washington Property Management is to roll rents back that were supposed to go up on May 1st.

Landlords may not:

  • Increase, or threaten to increase, rent or the amount of any deposit. This includes any increases sent prior to the order which have yet to take effect.
  • Assess late fees for non-payment of rent, effective retroactively to February 29, 2020, for rent not paid during the ban.
  • Evict residents; which includes both a ban on service of 14 day pay or vacate notices, as well as a ban on service of 10 day notices for rules violations.
  • Issue any notice of termination of tenancy.


What do I think, now?

  1. May may be harder to pay than April, for those who were laid off. Or it may be easier, because of generous unemployment benefits. Update: we had a great experience – all paid timely!
  2. The eviction moratorium may not be a short term event. If it opened up next month, the courts would be backed up. We rarely evict, so why is it important? It’s psychological leverage, mostly.
  3. If you are affected by lost rents, you probably have the ability to suspend payments to your mortgages (mortgage forbearance). But you will have to pay it back
  4. The shortage of housing is systemic in Clallam County, but confidence has plummeted. Unemployment has skyrocketed with the shuttering of countless businesses. Density will increase (more people per unit).
  5. Future tenant-friendly legislation must be vigorously fought.