The following guideline is provided to you to assist our residents in cleaning their leased home prior to vacating and to convey our expectations on how the property should be cleaned. We expect the property to be clean and ready for a new occupant to move in. If you closely follow the guidelines below, chances are very good that you will not experience a cleaning deduction from your deposit. This checklist applies to all of our properties and may include cleaning of items that are not present in your home.

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Are all personal items removed from the property? i.e. hangers, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, magnets, pennies? If applicable, has the furnace filter been changed? Did you leave the carbon monoxide detector in the property? Is the washing machine connection turned ALL THE WAY OFF?

In Summer: Never turn the sprinkler system off. You do not want to be financially responsible for replacing a burned up lawn.

In Winter: Never turn the thermostat all the way down or turn the system off; it must be set at 60 degrees. Do not turn off utilities in the winter. You do not want to be financially responsible for frozen, broken pipes. Arrange a final reading and that the utilities are left on in the owner’s name in care of Blue Sage Property Management.

If you do not plan on doing your own cleaning, you must contact Blue Sage Property Management at least one week in advance so that we may schedule a cleaning crew as soon as you are moved out. If we are unable to move new tenants in because you did not clean the property or contact Blue Sage Property Management, the lost rent will be charged against your security deposit. If you leave before the end of your lease, you are still responsible for all utilities to the property, snow removal and yard work, if applicable.

Please follow the checklist carefully. Blue Sage Property Management is billed $30.00 or more per hour plus supplies for maintenance and cleaning, i.e. that cracked switch plate or light bulb that normally would cost you $1.00 might be charged $26.00 ($25 service call + $1.00 for the supplies).

We use the above as our guide for the final record of your property to show for re-renting property. We don’t want to keep your deposit so please use this as your check list and receive your full deposit back.