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Sequim, WA

Located just 2-3 hours west of Seattle, south of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Canadian border, Sequim is a community rich in history. Well known for it's lavender farms, there are dairies, produce, hay and seeds cultivated here. People love the Olympic mountains and the boating opportunities. We are known for Dungeness crabs and salmon fishing. Orcas swim in the Strait. Sequim is also known for its "Blue Hole" of sunshine. It is the driest area on the Olympic Peninsula.

Investing in Sequim Rental Properties

As a real estate investor, you can find a number of reasons to look at Sequim rental properties. As a growing area, demand for such properties will likely continue to increase for the next few years.

Sequim appeals to retirees and families, but people of all ages make this small city their home. You will find rental properties to suit all kinds of needs. There are single-family homes, small multiplexes, and some condos.

The key to being successful as a real estate investor here or in any Washington city is to hire an professional property management company to take care of your properties. Allow them to handle the daily tasks and deal with issues related to the tenants and properties while you focus on expanding your investment portfolio with new properties.

You may think you don't need an Sequim property management company if you only have a few properties or are just getting started with your first property. However, a management company like Blue Sage Property Management can find tenants and make sure rent is paid and all repairs are made. They take care of these details so you don't have to. Instead, you can determine what will be the next property you want to purchase in this beautiful small town in Washington.

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Rent Collection

Are you still chasing after late rent payments each month? Say goodbye to the hassle. We process monthly invoices, collect incoming funds, and enforce penalties where necessary.


Eviction is a last resort. We do everything possible to find amicable solutions with tenants. If eviction becomes the right answer, we quickly navigate the process, clear it out & find a new tenant for your home.

Property Marketing

Get your vacancy filled quickly. Our marketing team reaches a wide local audience with professional quality pictures and videos. We market aggressively & find the right tenant fast.

Tenant Screening

Every applicant must meet our  rental guidelines to be approved. We review credit, criminal, evictions, bankruptcy history, rental references and more to qualify potential tenants for your property. Our results are phenomenal.


We both want to keep your home in good shape and your tenant satisfied. Blue Sage coordinates repairs and check to ensure that all completed work meets our strict standards. We provide normal maintenance and 24/7 emergency services.

Property Inspections

Every property in our portfolio receives regular inspections, including photo reports that we share with you. We identify & resolve potential problems before they spiral out of control.

Paying your Rents

Every month we review your figures and publish your statement on the 15th. They are sent to our owners' portal, including copies of invoices. Your rental proceeds are sent directly to your bank account.

Professional Guidance

Got questions about government edicts, HUD, Fair Housing, Washington State tenant laws, insurance requirements, or HOA stipulations? We keep up to date with the ever-changing requirements.


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Real Customer Service

Choose a team that returns your phone calls & emails. We work consistently to keep you in the loop.


At Blue Sage, we're committed to delivering great results within a simple fee framework. We want to earn your trust and we promise, what you see is what you get.

BlueSage PM

Useful Technology

It's easy to engage with our company. We use digital rental listings, online rent payments and repair requests, and fully functional online account portals to make connecting with us seamless.

We Have the Experience

When tricky situations come up, we know how to handle them. We've helped countless property owners across the Olympic Peninsula to get more out of their residential investments & we're ready to do the same for you.


We Get Great Results

12376 Utica

Blue Sage Has Been AWESOME

"As a property owner, Blue Sage has been AWESOME. I have friends who went through dozens or property managers and they recommended Blue Sage and I have no complaints. They do great screening tenants & I have never had any issues. My property has never been vacant for more than 2 weeks  and often it's one week or less."

– Mitch N.
Satisfied Client

Clallam County's Rental Experts

It's a Great Relief Working with Blue Sage

"It's a great relief having you take care of the house - I've been out of the country for 6 weeks and this was the first time I thought of it!"




– Rich C.
Satisfied Client

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Hear from Our Clients

Brigette Ross
Brigette Ross
17:00 14 Dec 21
We trust Blue Sage to manage our property. Kathryn has been nothing but fair and honest. She has always gone above and beyond for us. I highly recommend Kathryn and her team at Blue Sage to anyone.
Rochna Kaul
Rochna Kaul
02:28 11 Dec 21
Blue sage is a professional company. We have been impressed by Kathryn and her team’s professional approach in managing our property while being respectful of the tenant. Her attention to detail, communication skills and her speed of response are the key highlights of the 2 years we have worked for her. We have recommended The Blue Sage team to friends who have moved recently to Sequim and they share this sentiment. It’s great working with you and keep it up
Steve Hansen
Steve Hansen
22:31 01 Dec 21
Kathryn MacGeraghty and her staff have my full support based on their diligent efforts in these difficult Co-Vid times! They are great communicators and very professional!!! Thank you Kathryn and your team for all that you have accomplished and continue to manage for me! Best Regards, Steve Hansen
Blou Anders
Blou Anders
12:30 18 Nov 21
You can tell the company is rotten as old employees are being forced to review this place to bump up the score. Might be a decent company but the owner is absolutely horrible. She has 0 business sense and is on a power trip. Can't wait for her to reply and say this is a fake review, which she says to all negative reviews. She needs to retire because she has no idea how the modern world works and thinks she can bully her way to the top, which is why her company is still squarely at the bottom.
Brianna Newton
Brianna Newton
10:37 01 Nov 21
What can I say about these amazing human beings. Very helpful. Very quick. Beautiful home! Thanks blue sage!
eric widner
eric widner
18:42 26 Oct 21
I used to work for Blue Sage and Kathryn in their Colorado office as the maintenance coordinator. Kathryn runs a tight ship and strives for excellent service for both tenants and owners. She is fair and professional, committed and driven. She took the time to teach me about the industry and gave me room to do my job. When Covid hit, she made sure we were well taken care of and when the company closed, again, she made sure her employees were taken care of. I am grateful for my opportunity to work with and for Kathryn. Thank you Blue Sage and thank you Kathryn.
Theo Noir
Theo Noir
03:31 23 Oct 21
Kathryn is not responsive to contact and rude when she does bother to reply. I don't know why this woman thinks she has the right to talk to people like she does. I guess that's why she needed to claim welfare for her business? Avoid this company by any means. There are much better in the area that don't rely on our taxes to stay afloat.
Abigail Monrow
Abigail Monrow
12:19 20 Oct 21
Kathryn is not worth dealing with. I've never experienced someone so unpleasant in my times of renting out properties. I didn't realize she moved to WA after her business in CO failed. You can check the reviews there to see her attitude is a major issue, or simply read her response to Rebecca which I've uploaded here in case she tries to deny it or edit it. This isn't how a professional acts or responds to unhappy customers. You don't accuse them of having nothing better to do because they dared write you an email. This woman has no business running any company. In fact, seeing her response to Rebecca motivated me to leave this review, so thanks Kathryn. Kathryn lies constantly. Do not trust a thing this woman says unless it's in black and white in front of you. She will ignore communication constantly. She will violate leases. And all she will throw back is petty insults. She is deeply unhappy with her own life and will make that your problem. She's never presented well. Last time I saw her she had food down her shirt. She's just nasty inside and out. When we fired her from managing our properties I've never been happier.
Barbara Bettke
Barbara Bettke
14:34 16 Oct 21
I own several properties both short term and long term. Because I live out of state and don’t make it up to WA as much as I would like, I needed a reliable property management company that I could depend on and basically not have to worry about it. Blue Sage was there to help set things up and prepare the rentals which provided a huge relief for me. When I do make it to WA to visit, Kathryn is always receptive to meeting to discuss how they are doing, ways to improve the properties not only for me, but for the vacationers and long term tenants. I was surprised to read in a review or two that some had a communication problem. Blue Sage is ALL about communication! In fact, the entire team especially Kathryn, Julie and Sarah are in constant contact. If I need something fixed they are on it. If I have to send something to a property and it needs to be assembled and brought over, they’re on it. If I have questions on any of the financial side of things, Sarah is right there to answer any of my questions even the silly ones. Our communications have always included a sense of humor (I love that) and always pleasant. From the reviews I’ve read, I know my short term rental guests have been very satisfied with their communication if an issue came up (i.e. Wi-Fi out or an improvement suggestion). I can imagine that being a property manager isn’t always easy, but what I do know, is having Blue Sage manage your property makes owning property easy.
Rebecca Robert
Rebecca Robert
18:26 11 Oct 21
Update: I have updated this review with some evidence to the shenanigans of Blue Sage. The property had to be re-cleaned and still was not to their own standards and had a damaged appliance that had to be replaced, apparently these were just too many issues for Blue Sage to manage. In other attachments you can see that Katheyn at Blue Sage charged us $100 to provide us with a written revision to our lease that was initiated by the homeowner due to their change in circumstances. It was added to our folio. All leases (and common sense) require that changes to a lease contract be in writing, yet she wanted me to just take her at her word? I had to get an attorney to have the charge removed and get the written documentation signed. Total headache....avoid at all costs. Our experience with Blue Sage Property Management, specifically Katheryn MacGeraghty began a year ago in October 2020 when we rented a house managed by her company. There were a few minor issues with the cleanliness of the home at our initial walk-thru. In trying to rectify these matters, and others that came along the way throughout the year we were there, it seemed there was not good communication between her staff people and herself. Kathryn's attitude when I contacted her directly or when she decided to become involved was dismissive, curt and unprofessional. Short one liner emails, only responding to part of a question and a general attitude that we were a bother to her was the status quo for working with Katheryn. This continued throughout our lease term any time we had an issue that needed attention outside the scope of a renter. At one point we had to involve our attorney to reverse a $100 charge for a Lease Amendment that was proposed by the Owner of the home when they needed to return to Sequim from overseas earlier than planned and wanted their house back. As homeowners and landlords ourselves (we own a home that we rent in Thurston County) I really appreciate the communication we receive from our tenants when there is something that needs our attention. As a real estate agent myself, in an industry that is built on service to customers, I have been appalled with her behavior and would never recommend anyone work with Blue Sage Property Management or Brigadoon Rentals. It was only after we received our full security deposit returned to us that I felt I could leave this review without worrying about possible backlash.
Carl Obermeit (The dinnergetter)
Carl Obermeit (The dinnergetter)
04:02 14 Aug 21
Very professional extremely easy to deal with thank you
William M. Cwirla
William M. Cwirla
00:33 16 Jan 21
As a homeowner, I would recommend Kathryn and Blue Sage Property Management to those looking for a management company. We purchased a retirement home two years ago, a little ahead of our retirement, and wanted to lease it until we were ready to move. We live out of state, and had some concerns about leasing from a distance. Kathryn came at the recommendation of our realtor. From our initial meeting, she has been professional, knowledgable, and responsive. Blue Sage has managed our property well, taking care of any maintenance and tenant -related issues. Kathryn is a strong and vigorous advocate for the owner while being fair to the tenant. The monthly statements are reports are timely and accurate. Our investment has been well cared for. Blue Sage has my highest recommendation.
Scott Pierson
Scott Pierson
02:56 04 Jan 21
Thanks for keeping us all updated on the housing market for property owners and the laws effecting home owners. Very professional, keep up the great news letters.
David Niles
David Niles
23:58 18 Aug 20
I would like to thank JOE and the whole team at blue sage very very quick to handle and fix any problems with the house. Only property management i will ever go through. Thank you once again
Jim Auslen
Jim Auslen
20:47 09 Jun 20
Their service to property owners was great and I assume the tenant service is equally good as I have had repeat renters for some time now and short transition times when there was a change in tenants. A great experience!
Kevin Chrsman
Kevin Chrsman
16:54 07 Apr 20
We have only been renting with Blue Sage for a few months and they have been great. We had a issue and they went above and beyond to resolve this issue. They were extremely quick with there responses and just as fast dispatching someone to come to our home. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to rent. They have been the BEST property management company we have worked with. Thank you Blue Sage and keep up the amazing customer service!!!!
Elizabeth Salinas
Elizabeth Salinas
16:36 13 Nov 19
Kathryn has high standards for the quality and care of the units and homes in her charge. She follows everything "by the book" and always ensures that both tenant and landlord entitlements are being met. If you're looking for a responsible and no nonsense person to manage your rental property Blue Sage is the way to go!
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