Arm yourself with resources for a successful move

Moving comes with plenty of unique challenges and we want to make sure you're prepared for what lies ahead. We've created these checklists to provide answers to some of the questions we hear from tenants most frequently. Please read through the information below and let us know if you need any additional assistance: (360) 406-5252.

Move-in Checklist

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit

Your first month, last month rent and security deposit must be paid at the time of the lease signing. Confirm those amounts with us in advance.

Move-in Inspection

Before moving into the property, we'll need to complete the move-in checklist. Updates are OK within seven days.


The utilities for your rental account need to be placed in your name and will remain your responsibility throughout the duration of the lease. Please take care of this immediately upon lease signing to avoid any outages.

Move-out Checklist

Notice of Intent to Vacate

Planning to leave your rental home? You'll need to give us written notice of your intent to vacate. This gives us time to begin preparing for the next tenants.

Property Condition

Your home should be brought back to its original condition before you return the keys. Refer to the move out acknowledgement letter for a thorough list.

  • Rental Cleaning: Please remove all of your personal belongings from the home, along with garbage. Thoroughly clean each room in the property, sweep/mop/vacuum floors, and wipe down hard surfaces.
  • Landscaping & Outdoor Areas: If you generally take care of tasks like lawn care and outdoor maintenance, please do these once more before vacating.
  • Repairs: If any damage has occurred inside your rental, take the necessary steps to resolve these issues. This includes patching nail and screw holes and replacing burnt light bulbs.

Security Deposit

The security deposit you pay at the outset of your lease is used as a safeguard against damage that could occur during your stay. After you vacate the home, we will perform a final inspection to check for damage. If any is identified, we will schedule repairs and deduct the costs associated with these repairs from your deposit. The remainder will be returned to you.

Please remember, you cannot use the security deposit to pay your final month's rent.