Our Policies

Blue Sage is the rare pet-friendly management company in Clallam County. We have just updated (expanded and simplified) our policies on pets. First, we do consider owner’s preferences, so our approval process is pretty much case by case. For protection breeds, we need to refer to owner’s insurance in case there are breed restrictions. Those, I have heard, are loosening up.

If the pet is under 50 pounds, there will be an additional monthly fee of $25 per pet. If it weighs 50 or more, the fee is $50. There will also be a refundable deposit, the amount may vary based on petscreening.com’s pet score.

We want to meet any dogs, to temperament test. It’s a quick meet and greet. We hope not to get snarled at, bitten or barked at a lot. Most dogs (99%?) pass this test.

They must be fixed and over 12 months old.

Tenants submit an application via bluesage.petscreening.com. The best scores will have up to date vaccination records. The score is 0 to 5, 5 being the best. The deposit requirement ranges from $250 to $500. 0 score is a fail.

Welcome to the Olympic Peninsula!

All that said, we love pets. Kathryn has a dog, two cats, a flock of ducks and a gaggle of geese. Joe has dogs, geese and pigs. If you’re new in town, we’ll be happy to talk to you about the vets here. Sequim has an awesome dog park in Carrie Blake. Sniffspot is an app to help you locate personal dog parks. There’s plenty of dog trainers, including agility, in the area.

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